Georgia Competitiveness Initiative

Throughout Georgia's history, state government and the business community have worked together to grow the economy and create a high quality of life for those who call Georgia home. As a result of that partnership, Georgia has been the economic leader of the South – one with an enviable logistics system, top tier research universities, world class technical education, a robust agricultural sector, abundant natural resources and a positive global reputation - all of which contribute to our ability to attract, retain and grow both jobs and investment.

To ensure that Georgia's future is bright, the state must focus on not only what is needed to successfully emerge from the recent recession but also to remain competitive for decades to come. The Georgia Competitiveness Initiative – a partnership between public and private sectors - was created to enhance the State's economic development strategy.

Input was gathered from over 4,000 Georgians throughout the summer of 2011. The ideas, suggestions and examples of best practices were all used to develop the recommendations included in the Initiative's initial report which was released in January 2012.

Governor Deal reconvened the Steering Committee in the summer of 2013 to study Georgia’s current system of tax incentives and exemptions.

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Commitment to Growth

Nathan DealAt the request of Governor Nathan Deal, the Initiative will work throughout Georgia to assess the state's current strengths and weaknesses, gather information and ideas from leaders from various regions and industries, and develop recommendations that will ultimately stimulate job creation and economic growth.

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Georgia Competitiveness Initiative 2012 Report 

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Economic Development Regions

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